February 06, 2007

The Local Car Wash - Delicious

Getting ready for our day trip to visit with Jack's new doctor, the pediatric oncology radiologist. 2 years ago when Jack was diagnosed with his brain tumor we found out the diagnosis and had to get to Dallas Children's ASAP. So how do you pack for that trip. Not very well if I remember, I just ran in circles throwing aimless items in my small bag, most importantly I brought my sustinance - my Bible. Other than that I packed off the wall. I didn't return home for a month after our departure to Dallas and what I left behind was a sink full of breakfast dishes, a cluttered living room and numerous other unfinished chores and a to do list. None of those things really mattered, my sister in law moved in with Derek and Sophie and picked up right where I left off, but I never look at a trip the same way. Dishes need to be clean, dried and put away, house vacuumed, rooms cleaned, trashes emptied,...so that is what I am working on today.
My friend Robin S. treated me to lunch today for my birthday (it's the 10th), thanks Robin, and then I went and got our car washed as it was covered in 3 weeks of slush and mud from all the bad weather we have had. Everyone else in Abilene had the same idea and we all showed up at the car wash at the same time and I think they were caught a bit short handed. I sat in the sunshine for an hour which felt glorious. The sun was bright and had the smell of spring on the way. I hadn't planned on getting the car washed when I left my house so I showed up with no book, no ipod, no notebook, just my purse and me. So I people watched, which turned out to be a good show in and of itself. There just happens to be a young man whose voice reminded me alot of Chris Rock who works at the car wash. The woman who was sitting next to me on the bench was waiting for her pretty yellow mustang to be washed and dried. She was a bit stressed as she had paid for the gold wash and she saw a spot that the young man had missed on her car when drying it. She tried to show it to me, I couldn't see it, but nodded in agreement anyway. She couldn't take it any more and hopped up and informed the worker of what he missed. He just smiled and took care of the smudge. Later on I heard him say that when he gets to heaven he is going to remind the Lord that he worked for a time at the car wash, I think he was hoping for some extra jewels in his crown, far be it for me to say that he doesn't.
Then a man who drove a pretty green truck, one of those new Nissan Titans was not happy with something and he talked to the manager and they took it through the car wash again, then they had several workers hop on the drying as soon as it drove back around the corner, I heard one of the workers say that his truck was just real dirty, so maybe the 2nd time was the charm.
But the funniest thing I heard during my 60 minutes of entertainment was when Chris Rock (not the real Chris Rock ofcourse) came over to the lady with the yellow mustang and told her that he saw where she had chosen "New Car" smell, and he said that even though it is called New Car it is actually a code name for "Wet Dog" smell, and might she consider a different fragrance if she was not in love with the smell of a big wet dog. And then he said the Coconut Creme Scent smelled D-E-L-icious and he would recommend that over the nasty smelling new car scent. She obliged to his words of wisdom.
A few minutes later he thought that it would be a great customer service tactic to spray a bit of the coconut creme smell in the air for her to smell just how good it was, he was several feet away from us at the time, but the wind took the spray and we both had to wipe our faces clean of the coconut creme spray. It did smell good.
60 minutes of fun at the local car wash.


Amber Joy said...

Tammy, you share a birthday with another most wonderful lady - my mother.

Denise W said...

Only 3 weeks of dirt? Mine is about 9 months and I'm pretty sure "car wash" isn't in my cash flow plan.