February 26, 2007

Your Love Story

WOW! What a weekend. Every moment was spoken for. Every moment was incredible. Friday night and Saturday morning have left a warmth in my heart for my friends and the Lord. It was an incredible retreat, there were opportunities for small groups to share parts of their love story with the Lord. Here are a couple of the questions we discussed.
1. List ONE person in your life who has been a religious mentor. We couldn't list biblical characters. Had to be someone that we came into personal contact with.
2. What significant moment in your life has most influenced you?

Saturday afternoon took me straight to the Grace Museum to shoot pre-wedding pics of the bride and groom. I will have some amazing photographs on my photo blog tonight or tomorrow. I took 1500 pics that day and there is ALOT to go through. Love, Love, Love, that is what is in every picture with this beautiful couple.

Sunday morning I prepared for the Bridal Extravaganza that took place Sunday afternoon. It was a great show. I think that people loved what they saw. It is always fun to show my photographs. My husband was such a trooper this weekend. He helped me load and unload, set up my booth, he is most wonderful.

My body has worked hard this weekend and it needs a bit of a break. It will for sure get it, I will be in front of the computer sorting and tweaking files, then ordering a beautiful storybook proof album for the bride and groom, for days to come.

So go back up to the questions from the retreat, think about them for a moment and write me an answer. I will be stuck to my computer and your responses will give me a bit of sunshine during my day. Share with me a bit of your love story.


Anna said...

I wish I could have made it to the womens retreat..but I just couldn't pass up a weekend alone with the hubby. =) It's been waaaay too long for us.

I know I constantly tell you how awesome you are (you may be beginning to get tired of it hehe)..but I have to tell you again! Your booth looked amazing Sunday. I am not just saying this...you had the best pictures there..BY FAR. There were alot of great photographers...but none of them have what you have. It's a gift. =) My brother & his fiancee will be getting married in August '08...I hope so much they use you! I really think they will. I have them sold. =)

Ok, to the questions. My religious mentor would have to be my dad. I can remember as a child having questions about the bible, life, etc...and knowing my dad would ALWAYS have an answer for me. And if he didn't...he would find one. I still find myself asking him questions about biblical things that confuse me...and he continues to amaze me. I love him!

The significant moment for me would have to be meeting my prince charming. =) I was at a point in my life that I needed some direction & someone to step in & get me back on track. He did just that! I'm not sure where I would be without him...but I know it wouldn't be where I am today.....which is richly blessed in all ways.

Great things to ponder! =)

Amber Joy said...

Indeed, it was a blessed weekend. I enjoyed spending time with YOU, Tammy; we just don't get enough of that since we're "virtual" friends.

I don't feel like I have really portrayed all that you mean to me, and this certainly isn't the place, but let me just say that you have been a wonderful addition to my life. You are a Model of the Messiah - a beautiful one at that. You are a pillar of strength, and I have always admired you for that. Basically, you are great, and I love you.