February 01, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Jack and Sophie are so excited for their birthday tomorrow. My babies are turning 8! Jack is still talking about his party last week and Sophie is very excited about her party on Saturday.

We are Chicago Bears fans in our family thanks to my husbands family's roots in Illinois. Derek is ofcourse a Cowboys fan number 1, but Chicago makes its way in as second. Rob has 5 Chicago Bears T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, and he is planning on wearing each of them during the game, one for each quarter and one for half-time. I am sure I will have some pictures of the family craziness. Rob has been saving up some Christmas money for special snacks for the game, so far he has 3 different kind of chips, beef jerkey, and chex mix, I think that pizza rolls are coming soon. I think I might make a homemade snack too, we are going to watch the game at Elaine and Tom's (Rob's mom and her husband) and they are supply several snacks and some hot wings. Last time Derek ate those wings at Tom and Elaine's house, he ate 17!!! My kids LOVE wings. I like wings, but unfortunately I only really love them with bleu cheese dressing and celery, so besides the celery it is really not a very healthy snack. But there is just something about your mouth burning and that cool bleu cheese taste that is so yummy. Go Bears!

I am so excited to have just heard on the TV (my background noise of choice today) that JK Rowlings just announced the release date for the final Harry Potter book - July 21st at Midnight. Almost 6 months away. Ahhhh, but a date to put on the calendar. 6 more months to enjoy the anticipation, which will come to an end after this last novel.

I have had some pitifully sad days. Sarah came over to cheer me up yesterday and brought me the most delicious salad from Jason's Deli. This week has been filled with some tough days, last week I felt strong and encouraged, this week I have felt just yucky. I am not a sad person by nature, but I have felt like I just needed some time to lament, really lament. Not just put on a happy face when what was inside was not happy. I think that it has helped me to get out some feelings that I have just shoved under the rug for a while. I think that for whatever reason it was beneficial for me to just lament, but I will tell you that I could feel the pull of the devil to keep me down. There was a point where I felt like I didn't want to see anyone, talk on the phone, or go to church last night, and that I think was where the devil was stepping in, and trying to take a honest emotion and turn it into pity, anger and reclusiveness, none of which honor God. So I went to church and talked with friends, sang in worship, prayed and I felt the fog lift to a certain degree. The sun might not be out in Abilene today, but it's peeking out again for me.

I know that if I continue to seek the Lord and His plan for my life I will not be left without meaning or purpose. He will guide my days and make my path straight. He will help me be a mother, wife and friend that will be a light of His love. I will trust in Him and He will be faithful.


Sarah said...

If the sun can't come out, at least we can have big ol' fat snowflakes!! Wasn't it awesome!

I think sometimes you just need a season (hour/ day/ week/ month/ actual season!) of lament. The Psalms is full of it!! It's OKAY to do that!

Mark your calendar for that J.K. Rowlings release -- I may send Ashley to go stand in line with you! :-) Love you!