June 18, 2007

A couple of pics.

Here are some pics from the last week. The first is Jack and his two best friends who came to see him off from the hospital in Abilene. Then a pic of Jack being wheeled into the ambulance that took him to Dallas Children's Hospital in Abilene. The final pic I took yesterday, a big cheesy grin on Father's day.

We have had a good day today. The boys swam with friends this morning and I got my house de-cluttered after our time away and arrival back home from the hospital. It feels good to be de-cluttered!!!!

We are grateful for the prayers, know they are being lifted, because I feel the love.


Julie said...

ME: How'd you get through things without being scared?
JACK: I didn't really worry about it.

Let Jack remember the simple wisdom he gave to me only last year. Wisdom I remember in my biggest trials. Don't let him chill in his bed!!!

His hair is looking sexy. He almost has as much of a mop as me!!!

Nic and Vanessa said...


Nic and I love you guys and are still praying for you. What an amazing family you are!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tammy! I wanted to let you know that after my Mom's brain surgery, she had paralysis on the left side of her face. They had to clip the auditory nerve when they went in and there had been swelling and other nerve damage. Her face has gotten better over time (when she is tired it gets a little droopy), but I know the shock of seeing that happen and the feeling of helplessness. We are praying for Jack's healing and for strength and optimism for you and Rob. Just wanted you to know that we are willing y'all through this. We love you!
M.C. and the Jennings'

Clay Bulls said...

Hang in there Jack! We love and miss you at Tae Kwon Do! Get better soon so you can come beat me up!!

Lots of love,

Mr. Bulls