Keep those prayers coming.

Monday night. Our church is in the middle of our SBA (Summer Bible Adventure) formerly known as VBS. The kids are all loving it. Rob is working with the drama part and I am a co-crew leader. We are all enjoying Avalanche Ranch SBA. Jack is doing pretty well. His emotions are in tact and he seems to be settling into all of his meds pretty well. He seems very tired. He told me that since he got back from the hospital he doesn't really like to run or walk very much. I told him that I don't think he has to run, but it is good for his body to walk. Then he told me that after taking 5 steps he is already tired. I think that is due mainly to the steroids, but am not sure. He is still quite withdrawn so please pray for God's mighty hand to reach down and heal Jack. Sometimes I want to stomp my feet and say Now, Now, Now,...but I know all in God's timing and when the timing is right God will have worked everything out to His glory. In those times I just take a deep breath, and remember our blessings, and what I am grateful for and just move on down the line.
Jack got a card in the mail from Tammy and Jordan today, some friends we haven't met in blogland today. Thank you for taking the time to send Jack a card, he loved it.

I am finishing up a book series on the women in Jesus lineage, by Francine Rivers. I have checked them out from the library, our favorite place to go besides the pool in the summertime. There are 5 books in the series, they are "novella's" which means they are about 100-150 pages long each. The books are based on Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. I am still reading Mary, but the other 4 were great to read. The author takes all the factual info from the Bible and I imagine some other historical books, then fills in the story with her twist on the women and the lives that surrounded them. I would imagine many of her assumptions play somewhat true, because in the bible times the women were very limited as to options, and tradition pretty much ruled their world. So to know how a woman would be treated as a widow, or adulteress... would have been pretty standard.

I don't often read stories about bible characters, just because I don't want to confuse myself with what is real and what is fiction, but I really enjoyed these stories and it certainly helped me put some names and family groups together. Like...did you know that Rahab, the prostitute, was Boaz's mom, who later in life married Ruth. O.k. you might have known that, and I am sure I have read it myself in the lineage of Jesus, but for some reason the lineage and who is who, to who, doesn't stick real well in my brain. So along with a good story, I got some learnin' from the books.

Once I finish Mary, then I will start on Anne Lamott's Grace Eventually. I have enjoyed her books, although they are not for the faint of heart. It is a 7 dayer from the library, so I will try and read it in a week....good luck to me, it is not a novella.

The pool is just waiting for us, the weather is wet and rainy so I am not sure when we will get to be poolside anytime soon. This is a crazy West Texas Summer.


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