We are all smiling.

Tuesday night. We had a good day. We started our day at the Farmer's Market, as there was no melon's yet, my boys were quite disappointed. When I instructed them to use the cash I had put in their hands for the Farmer's market to buy vegetables, both responded, we don't have to eat this do we? I thought that they might take ownership over the veggies if they were the ones to pick them out and pay for them, but unfortunately we were limited to squash, onions, green beans and more onions. So that was not as big of a success as I had hoped. But Sophie and I thoroughly enjoyed a squash, onion and bell pepper salad tonight with our meal. Those boys don't know what they are missing.
The change of nutrition this week is quite an adjustment to my family. Jack is pining for sugar. He is used to several sweet snacks a day, and now he can have 2 sweet treats (with no nutritional redeeming value) a week. I am making healthy sweets, but it is just not the same as a swiss cake roll I guess. We shall overcome!
Jack has another MRI on Thursday in Dallas. We will meet with Jack's neurosurgeon afterwards and he will give us the lowdown on the swelling in Jack's brain.
Jack has perked up a bit today, he is talking more anyway. We are blessed by our sweet Father in heaven. He has given us His strength and we have found our smiles again. Thank you for your prayers and to our church family the many ways you have walked us through the last 2 years, how you have blessed us.


Sarah said…
It was great to see EVERYONE smiling yesterday!
Amy's Gang said…
So glad the sun is shining again! You're right...you will overcome! We are praying for your sweet family.
Lisa said…
I heard that Anne and Sophie went off the HIGH-dive last night. Are these the same girls that barely went down the slide last year?!
We are praying that tomorrow goes well for all of you.
Much love!!!
Amber Joy said…
It was great to see your smiling family last night at the pool. Glad Jack is perking up.
Anonymous said…
It has been awhile since I stopped to check in on y'all but somehow I felt the need to do so this evening. Despite not actually following your BLOG Jack's name is lifted to the Father EVERY SINGLE DAY along with our children, grandchildren and so on. I just want to assure you we remain faithful in prayer as we have committed to do! Thanks for continuing to be so transparent and so vulnerable...thanks for reminding all of us what Grace really means. Hug all there for us. We spent last weekend with Keely and Kinlie (oh and their parents too!) How fun!!

prayers and love and enjoy the swim club (I just read a couple of posts back).....

Dixie and Tom McLeod--your Southeast Texas family!

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