Just a Hello

Wednesday, where does time go? We had a fun day yesterday, we went to the library to check out books. Jack and Sophie both applied for their very own library cards. Very exciting. We sat in the library and read for our daily dose of 60 minutes of all noses required to be in a book. I definately gave the kids a good week of no educational requirements to kick off summer with. But now, the playstation, television and gameboys need a rest too when we are home. So the book reading and math sheets of summer has begun.
Today the kids and I will figure out a reward chart for their efforts, because after all it is summer, and you can't have learning without rewards of some sort.
We have church tonight and Jack has a port flush tomorrow, and that about sums up the next two days.
Father's Day is coming up quickly, any one have some ideas to celebrate dad in a special way?


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