June 22, 2007

The Monster Called Steroids

The steroids have taken over!!!! Wowza! I have never been on steroids to know first hand but I can tell you from being the mother of a child who is now on a high dose 4 times a day, they wreak havoc with your emotions and your appetite. Jack could eat from morning till night and it just wouldn't be enough. I fixed a big lunch of fish, vegetables and bread today, thinking that a dinner sized meal would tie him over for an hour or so, but he got up from the dinner table, walked straight to the cupboard and said, "What's to eat, I am hungry?"
He is testy and quite demanding which is not like him at all. The time before when Jack was on steroids right after his brain surgery I couldn't believe that his personality change could be so dramatic, and 2 years later I had forgotten what it was like. I was talking to my friend today who was on steroids and she said she wanted to yell at people and eat all day. But those steroids are keeping him from any more damage from the swelling in his brain, so I am not complaining in even the least bit.
And...I am still worn out. I don't think I could make it in the good old days. I am trying to keep up with all the normal food demands of a family, and I am trying to keep us in healthy food which is alot of work. When someone gets hungry I actually am cooking, cutting or mixing something, ...so unlike me...I am becoming more like my mother every day. She would be proud of the high grain, nutritious, organic eating that is going on in this house. I am sure if she were still alive she would just move right in and be our nutrition supervisor. She taught me well, so all that nutrition stuff she hounded me with my whole life is coming in very handy.

We so appreciate everyone's prayers, keep on praying.


Jan & Tom said...

Steroids...yuck!! I remember how they affected me...I was like a bear awoken from hibernation...and starving!!!

I know how difficult it is to do the "healthy" thing. Last year, I found out I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and higher than normal blood sugar. Just a month ago, I also found out that my thyroid is low. So, since November, 2006, I've been trying to eat "healthy"...and Tom is too. So far, I've lost 40# and all the #'s that were too high, have come down...all the #'s that were too low, have come up!!! Lots of prayers were said for me, too!!! PTL!!!

We'll be praying for all of you!!!

Jan & Tom

Denise W said...

I don't know - Swiss Cake Roll or carrots. Tough call.

Oh that it rubs off on my kids.....

I can't wait to see yall tonight. We'll be there with bells on! I'm so proud you taking the big step to be your mom!