Status Quo

Thursday night. We are back in town. The trip was great. Rob had to work so Elaine took off work and went with me and all the kids. We got in at the Ronald McDonald House, which is always a blessing. The kids feel like home there, and it is such a blessing financially to not have to stay at a hotel and go out for all of our meals.

Jack did extremely well in his MRI. He never even twitched or moved a muscle. He always does good, but today he was in his MRI groove! Dr. W., his neurosurgeon talked to us after looking at Jack's MRI results and said that everything looked basically the same as the previous week. He was glad to see there was no noticeable necrosis on Jack's brain stem. Necrosis is where the stem or surrounding wires are actually being eaten away by the radiation. At this point he see's that there is damage from the swelling but no dead stems in the brain stem. That is good news. Necrosis would be permanent and could never be healed medically. All that said he told us that Jack's MRI looked status quo. We are going back in two weeks for another MRI, and another look see inside the precious head of my sweet son.

Dr. W. told Jack he was the absolute best patient he has. He wished all his patients could be so attentive and patient. Jack is a dream patient.

Dr. W. also told us that part of the tumor looks like it is dying. Just a little part, but that still sounds great to me. This is just purely his observation and not verified by anyone else or any other tests...but that along with the 1 millimeter of shrinkage measured by Dr. Timmerman last week is music to my ears.

I appreciate everyone's prayers and continued support for Jack. We are continually calling on God for strength to make it through one more day, but that is all the strength we need right. Just for today. God's mercies are new every morning.

Father God thank you for your strength. Thank you for the most wonderful children and husband I could ever ask for. Each time I look into their eyes I see that it is a moment to be cherished. We know not what tomorrow brings, but we do know you are with us every moment. Thank you for Jack and his kind spirit, his love for his family, his cuddly hands and those little crooked kisses on my cheek, that his little crooked lips so softly give. I am truly blessed.


Sarah said…
Yay! for dead tumor cells! Yay! for living brain stem! Yay! for a faithful Lord to get us through it all!

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