Jack in the Hospital

I need to make this short and sweet. I took Jack to the ER last night at Abilene Regional because he has lost the ability to move the left side of his face. He had been sick and nauseated all day, don't know if that was tumor related or a virus. Last night about 9pm Rob and I noticed that Jack's face wasn't working properly. After calling several doctors to find out what they wanted us to do, we took him to the ER. I was afraid to drive him to Dallas with him being so sick to his stomach.
He had an MRI and CAT scan last night at ARMC. All of this is probably due to the pressure on his brain stem from the cerebral swelling from the Gamma Knife Radiation.
The ambulance will transport him from Abilene to Dallas Children's and we will be there for several days where he will be on high doses of steroids to shrink the swelling in his brain. There is a computer at the hospital so I will try and update daily to let you know what is going on.
Please pray for a safe trip to Dallas today and for Jack to be mended quickly. Thanks ahead of time for remembering Jack and our family in your daily prayers.
Love, Tammy


Donna Ware said…
We will be thinking of you and praying that the swelling goes down and Jack can have a wonderful summer swimming, playing, jumping on the trampoline, teasing girls, and doing all that fun boy stuff!
love you!
Melissa said…
I read your blog and have been waiting on an update on Jack. Of course this isn't the kind of update I was hoping for. We will definitely keep Jack and you guys in our prayers.
Linda said…
Praying for all of you....for a safe trip, short stay in the hospital, and most of all for Jack to feel better again and for you all to resume your fun summer. Blessings to you, Linda
P.S. I am 25 mins. from you, so email if you need anything...would love to help.
shellie said…
We will most definitely be praying! Don't hesitate to call if there is anything we can do to help out.
holly said…
We are praying that the swelling will go down, everything will work out fine, and you'll be home shortly.
Anonymous said…
Tammy & Rob,
We will be praying for you and Jack. We pray the swelling will go down and you guys will be back home soon!
Love You,
Valerie H.
judy said…
Tammy, Hope Jack is doing better soon and this is just a short trip. We love you and are thinking of you.
Anne Jones said…
Praying for you all! :)

Sending lots of love!
Erica said…
I am so sorry that Jack is having to endure another hospital stay. We will definitely be praying for a speedy recovery, safe travels, and for you to feel God's hands on you at all times.

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