June 09, 2007

We Love Hanner Chevrolet in Baird

Saturday morning. The kids and I met family at the Dixie Pig to celebrate my cousin, David's daughter's birthday...Keelie. She turned five this week. They live in Ft. Worth, TX. Of all the places in Abilene Keelie wanted a party at the Dixie Pig. So they decorated for her theme of butterflies and it was great. I am not sure that the Dixie Pig gets too many requests for 5 year old birthday parties, but they were super sweet and even gave her a biscuit with candles on top, then a gift bag with some pig paraphinalia inside. Keelie told her daddy that he could have the big pig keychain to put his keys on, I can't wait to see that.

I am going to take my camera along the next time I walk the path at ACU and post some pics of the route. It is so beautifully set up I think I just need to share some pictures with you.

Rob and I went to see Ocean's 13 last night. Somehow we have missed the first 2 in theatres. When we rented them they didn't hold my interest, but I really enjoyed 13 last night. I went in with low expectations, I think that is the key. We met our friends Denise and Jim there. Denise is a bit of a talker in the movies, she is the color-commentary from beginning to end, although last night she only had a few choice comments to make. My favorite movie to have ever seen with her is Taladega Nights with Will Ferrell, she was funnier than the movie. She is also a singer, and told a group of us girls that we should buy the soundtrack to Hairspray and learn all the words to the songs before we go. Then we could sing along. I am sure all the other movie goers would LOVE that. I think she is on her own.

Rob and I are driving out to the Hanner Dealership today to pick up our new van. We are very excited. The Hanner's have blessed us in SO many ways for all the years we have known them. I was thinking just the other day how I took a huge bag of silk flowers to Jana's house and she helped me make my wedding bouquet, that was almost 12 years ago. Silk was in my budget by the way and it was the mid-nineties. ( My disclaimer for silk flowers) Anyway their family means alot to us, and Hunter has gone above and beyond to find us a good used vehicle and we are eternally grateful. They are a kind and trustworthy group out at the Hanner Dealership in Baird, you can't go wrong with them, and Jana is a great flower arranger.

Well there ya go. That is what is going down in the Marcelain house.


Linda said...

Excited for you in getting a new van.....always a fun time for a family! Also, I cannot wait to see the pics from the walking path at ACU. Having gone there in the late 60's and graduated in '71 there weren't too many pretty spots on campus. I know they have improved it so much and it will be fun to see it through your camera lens. Have a blessed weekend. Linda L.

Amber Joy said...

So what color did you pick? My favorites are Calm and Classy.

Anonymous said...

Flower arranging is a great way to bond...you have been my special friend ever since. Thank you so much for the kind things you said. I had Mark come in and see...his comment "my mercy!" We love you.

Jana H

Tammy M. said...

The shootsac covers I bought were "Festive" and "Retro". Retro is sold out, but Festive is still available. They started with about 50 different covers and most sold out within the first couple of hours the site was up.

Denise W said...

We love the Hanners! I'm so happy for bunco so I could know Jana better - she's a terrific friend. I laugh whenever I think of Mark playing bunco at Judy's house.

You know that Jim hates it when I talk in movies so I have to control myself. I still think that learning all the words to Hairspray is a good idea! It will make the movie experiencet that mych better! I saw that Legally Blonde is a (coming?) musical, too. I so wanna learn the words to that, too.