E Stim Started Today

Tuesday night. Well we are home from SBA (Summer Bible Adventure). 3 nights down one more to go. We are having a great time. The kids all had friends come tonight as visitors so they had a blast with their buddies. Derek has been the only boy in a group of girls this week, so he was glad for a friend to be there with him. I asked him if he liked the group he was put with and he said yes. Then I asked him if he was having a good time, and again a yes. Then I asked him if the girls were giving him a hard time at all, and his response was, "They don't talk to me, and I don't talk to them." I am loving that he is not girl crazy...yet.
We made it to the pool today, then Jack had physical and occupational therapy, then SBA so Jack was ready for bed tonight. His physical therapist started E-Stim on Jack's face today. Little sticky electrodes are put on his face, then the electrodes send signals to the muscles, and basically makes them involuntarily flex. It reminds the muscles how to work. Jack had this same type of therapy on the outside of his throat 2 years ago when he couldn't swallow after his brain surgery. What he is going through now, is a lesser case of what happened to him after his surgery.
Several people commented today that they see a difference in Jack's face. His right side corner of his lip is not as droopy as it was last week, and I noticed that although his right eye is still not blinking like normal, when he purposefully closes it, it is closing farther than it did a week ago. It is hard for me to notice the changes as I am with him all the time. So I am very excited to hear from others they are noticing a difference.
Please continue to remember Jack in your prayers. They make a difference and every time the Lord hears Jack's name I know that Jack is blessed.


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