June 14, 2007

Friday News

Friends, Tammy is unable to update her blog from the hospital, so she sent me an email asking me to do it for her. Not much to report, except that Jack is feeling better and hopes to be released from the hospital by late Friday or sometime Saturday. He will still have some recovering to do from the facial paralysis, but we are all hoping that it isn't permanent. Tammy will give you more details on her return!



Amber Joy said...

Dearest Marcelains, I am eagerly anticipating more news on Jack. You are in my prayers.

Scott F said...


Donna Ware said...

We are eagerly awaiting your return to Abilene! Phil and I will be gone to Austin for a few weeks, but I will check in on your blog to see how precious Jack is doing.
love you

Anonymous said...

I pray that you are home and better. May the Lord give you peace and comfort.
Love you,