Breakfast At McKay's

The day after Thanksgiving we met up with our huge family at McKay's. When my Arizona family comes to town, one of there must-go spots is McKay's. The backroom fit us perfectly, the kids had a little space to wander and we all got to visit and drink coffee, oh and eat alot of pastries. My personal favorite, one I don't generally get very much is the blueberry danish. Caution was sent to the wind this weekend everyone just enjoyed the treats.
The post below of my Arizona Family (there is alot more Arizona family than those who were able to come for Thanksgiving by the way.) with all their pictures at Everman Park at the end of Cypress St. were taken immediately following this bakery expedition. After Rob had cleaned up the backroom once all the days baking was done, one of my nieces asked if they could make a batch of cookies. Rob was so sweet and put aprons on all the kids and they whipped up a batch of sugar cookies. What a sweet husband I have. I know it was a big highlight of the day, something those sweet kiddo's and teenagers wont soon forget. The pictures from the bakery were taken by my sister in law, Cari. Thanks for letting me download your pics and display them here. There is one sweet picture of my brother Rob with our grandfather. We call him Gran. The rest of my cousins call him Bob. He is the most sweet man ever, his character is flawless and love for his family immeasurable. He doesn't really like his picture taken, so most of the time he looks away from the camera, lowers his head, puts his hand this picture with him actually looking up was not easy to come by but we sure appreciate seeing his beautiful eyes.


Denise W said…
OOOOO, I can see Gran in your brother! Love those pictures!

Where was your camera?
Tammy M. said…
My camera was in my van, getting cold so it would not be filled with condensation for my brother's families pictures right after the bakery visit.
Beautiful photos, Tammy. It was so good to get caught up with you here! Sorry I have been a terrible blog friend! Sheesh!

I do have some questions about Blurb if you get a minute sometime. You should be able to reply to my comment or my email is on my site. Thanks!

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