The Quiet Stillness of "thanks" giving

So...I continue to be amazed at the, "Mrs. Marcelain there is NO more brain tumor," conversation I had just 3 short days ago with Jack's radiologist. What can I say about this? Did I ever think this day would come and I would hear those words? What does the future hold with no brain tumor's involved? I would like to think that my hope has not changed for God had given me His hope, joy...God has blessed me with His joy to be delighted at the smallest of delights when the road was rocky. On days that my faith and belief had waivered and there after had been restored after I sought, asked, knocked and devoured His Word and God gave me faith I never even knew possible and I am so grateful and humbled by His love walking by me each step of the way to spur me on to keep searching and He will keep answering.
I have been confronted lately with my comfort in the way I disregard what I don't understand in scripture. And I have enjoyed using the on line bible tools you can find at to break down terms from the original Hebrew and Greek bible. God has brought one person especially into my life who has prayed with us and spent time with us and given us many words from God, led us to scripture God was calling us to read and read and re-read. Most of which have to do with faith and belief. And her very being has opened my eyes to where I have sold the bible short and not really understood the power of Christ that His believers have access to. In the words of Beth Moore - this has been my prayer many times each day, "Today Lord, let just one more scale fall from my eyes, that I might know You and Your Word better." Those scriptures that I have disregarded have become fresh and new and the Holy Spirit indwelled is opening my eyes a little bit more every day to the Amazing and Mighty God we serve and the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
Yesterday in church our minister had all the lights turned off as we had a prayer of praise and thanksgiving for Jack and asking for His hand to be with other's who are suffering with illnesses. It was a most special moment, one that I will never forget. To be in darkness, standing amongst over a thousand people with my hands lifted to the Almighty was a quiet and humbling moment that I will rest in for all the days I walk on this earth. I thank God for the journey and I thank God for Jack.


Anonymous said…
Tammy -

I'm a few days behind and just now getting around to your blog and am SO happy to hear your great news about Jack! That is just wonderful!

Tom and I are working on trying to come out to Abilene for Thanksgiving to visit with my mom and family, so I'll let you know when we find out for sure. Should be some time today.

I doubt that I'll have time this time to do coffee with you and Denise, but we'll see.

Much love to you all and I'll continue to keep you in my prayers.

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

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