November 29, 2007


I clicked over to the link on the side for Brooklyn and Beyond. I don't know this family but their story is amazing and they have an amazing little boy named Ira. Ira has stolen hearts all over the world I am sure. I love to keep up with Ira, anyway I was so blessed tonight when I clicked over and saw that Ira Talks!. It made me a little teary, so very precious. It reminded me of when I posted "Jack Speaks" after he found his voice many weeks after his brain surgery back in 2005. The gift of voice is one that might be overlooked, we can just take it for granted, but thanks to the Ira's and Jack's of this world we are reminded just how special the spoken word really is. Thank you God for Ira and his sweet voice.


Melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Laura and I were friends in college, but lost touch at graduation. She came to our 10 year reunion in October and we were able to catch up. I sat in awe as she told me about Ira, his year in the hospital and how she had to take the train, one hour each way to get there each and every day. Amazing - humbling - inspiring.