Surgery Rescheduled

At 2pm I called Jack's pediatrician and she still hadn't heard from the radiologist, but she checked the computer and his notes said that Jack's x-ray hadn't changed. So I have just cancelled his surgery. Jack will be able to enjoy this week without all sorts of stingy drops in his eyes and with enough energy to shoot his cousins when we play laser tag.
Then I called the hyperbaric area to let them know that Jack could come in tomorrow because his surgery was cancelled. And they said that Jack shouldn't come in with pneumonia as it could make it worse. So we will have a week or two off of HBO treatments.
Thank you for your prayers and thank God for His provision.


Sarah said…
Don't you wish you had known last week that HBO could make pneumonia worse? Bummer about more waiting. yay for time with cousins!!
Praying you and Jack and family are having the best Thanksgiving ever, Tammy!

Much love to you all!


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