The Sound of Silence and the Flu Shot

Yesterday was Jack's first day of the second six weeks of Hyperbaric treatments. My car is definately in auto drive to the Hospital each morning Monday thru Friday.

I took a much needed 2 day vacation from my job on Tuesday and Wednesday for some intense study time for a retreat that The Coffee Group is speaking at this weekend. It is back to work today.

Yesterday was also flu shot day. Jack is an old pro at shots and sticks, Derek does very well, Sophie is normally the child you can hear 3 blocks down with a shrieking scream like someone has come at her with a pitchfork size needle. My little dainty, tiny, princess turns into a screaming, squirming, thrashing tiny person with superhuman strength when she gets a shot. The line up was set, Jack called first in line, then Sophie, Derek, then Rob. (I got my flu shot at Dallas Children's last week because it was free, and no waiting). So Jack goes, he has already prepared me that he is going to leave the room immediately after his shot, said he needed to use the restroom (this is code for I can't bear to hear my twin sister cry). As soon as Jack is done, Sophie says to Derek, "you go next." Derek hops up on the table gets his shot, then Sophie has Rob go, Rob get's his shot, and no one is left but the screamer. Her eyes are already teary, her face is red, she bravely gets up on the table and is crying silently to herself and before she knows it the shot is over and done with and the bandaid on. AHHH, the sound of silence, it is a first with Sophie getting a shot. Jack walks back into the room and says, what happened? is it over? Yes Jack it is over and your sister was very brave, big smile on Jack's face. Then he says, "I really did have to go to the bathroom." (code for I didn't run away not to hear my sister scream.)
One of the perks of a brother who get's stuck alot with needles is that there is a stash of emla cream that get's used on everyone's arm before they get their flu shots. So the process is quite pain free, except in Derek's case where the shot was given outside the emla creamed area, but he still didn't flinch. Rob and I don't use it because we are too brave or too embarassed to put it on our own arms. Really I should speak for myself, because Rob is brave and tough, I however on the other hand am a larger version of my daughter who has chosen dignity rather than screaming and flailing, but I secretly want to slather emla all over my arm when I get a shot, because all that screaming and flailing is going on in my head.
I do have to say that this years flu shot was the least painful flu shot, don't know why, but I barely felt the injection.


jessica said…
I'm with Sophie! I hate shots! Flu or otherwise!
Lisa said…
I never have minded getting shots, but i haven't had too many. I got my first "hip" shot yesterday for a stinkin' sinus and ear infection, and it actually tickled...until I went to pay my bill. That's when the ol keester started stinging. ha
I'm one of those moms who cried EVERY time my kids got immunized. Thank goodness that phase is over. It's embarrassing.

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