Preparations and Chest X-Rays

Wednesday night. Jack just headed to the shower after a long day. He had hyperbaric therapy this morning, then school, then I picked him up 20 minutes early to head to his pediatrician's office for a visit. He has had a bit of a cough for about 9 days now. No fever or other problems, just a congested cough. With his surgery next week and the holidays coming up I thought it best to go and get him looked at.
I love our pediatrician. She is kind and thoughtful and thorough. So in the thorough category she decided that Jack should have a chest x-ray to be safe as he will be put to sleep in just 6 days for his eye surgery and port removal. So we just got back home and it is 7pm. I just realized put to sleep could sound a bit like a dog's last day but as I am not talking about a dog, you would know that it is just a temporary sleep for surgery.
I am SO excited for next week. We have a ton of family coming to town and spending time together for Thanksgiving. I am preparing this week for next week as Jack's surgery will take up the first part of the week. I have shopped for all the food, bought Christmas gifts for those we celebrate Christmas with the day after Thanksgiving, I have cleaned one of my kids rooms from top to bottom, and hopefully will finish the other room tomorrow, and am feeling good about where I am for preparation. I know that the Lord has seen fit to give me gifts of service in several areas. One of those gifts is not hospitality, preparing large meals, hosting large groups - while I love to do it, does not come naturally to me like others I know. I have made a concerted effort to not freak out or get nervous, anxious or testy in my behavior. I am going to enjoy my sweet family and our extended family.
Thanksgiving here we come.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like lots of activity at your house, Tammy!

I pray things will go well with Jack's surgery and your family's visit for Thanksgiving. Y'all have fun together and don't work too hard.

Cheers & Blessings to you all today!

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles
jessica said…
How did the x-ray come out?? I have seen so many cases of bronchitis and pneumonia at school. It's a tad scary! I think we need a hard freeze or something!

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