November 15, 2007

Jack's Results and Loose Leaf Tea

Thanks Jessica for asking about the results on Jack. Jack's pediatrician called today and said that it looks like Jack could have a bit of pneumonia. It is somewhat inconclusive because it could also be a cold that had settled in his chest. After talking with Jack's oncologist Jack is now on the medicine that his pediatrician prescribed yesterday, zithromax, and today they added hydracortizone (spelling?). When we spoke with Jack's oncologist a couple of weeks ago after Jack's MRI he said that Jack's immune system is not functioning due to the amount of steroids he takes every day, so the hydracortizone is taking the place of the natural hydracortizone that his body would make if he wasn't on steroids. And apparently hydrocortizone is what helps your body fight infections.
All this sounds like Jack is not doing well. But for the most part except for the cough he is feeling fine. The hardest thing that Jack is dealing with is sore muscles. Every Tuesday he goes to Rehab Therapy and he works out with his physical therapist. This week she increased the weight on his leg work out, they use the Total Gym System, and Jack is walking like his legs are full of jello. He told me today he barely made it up the little hill outside of school to walk to the car when I was picking him up. Bless his heart. He told me that his PT said if his legs hurt he could stop, but he said that he felt fine until he stopped the workout and then it was a different story.
Jack's surgery is still on for next week, if he doesn't improve or if he worsens then we will reschedule.
He is such a trooper.

The time change and early darkness makes me so sleepy at night. By 7:30 I am ready for my jammies and a cup of tea. One of my new favorite things is loose leaf tea. Several months ago Jack and I were wandering through Whole Foods to pick up our month supply of Z-Bars, a kids organic snack bar, and there was a nice woman handing out samples of loose leaf tea, you could pick hot or cold. I tasted the cold tea and thought it was extra yummy. I bought a can of loose leaf tea because the woman who owned the company was the one offering the samples and I just appreciated that she was working her business that she and another woman from Colorado had created. When I got home I regretted not buying the tea cup. I bought it this last time and another flavor of tea. I LOVE this tea, and I love the tea cup. It makes it super easy to make one cup of fresh steeped tea loose leaf tea. You can check out the website at The prices are the same as in the store and there is free shipping if you purchase $30 or more I think. This is my favorite thing and am giving away several tea cups with a can of loose leaf tea for Christmas. First I bought the Red Rock's tea (herbal), then I just bought the Creme Caramel (black tea). The Creme Caramel is dee-lish. If you are looking for something different to give check out this site.