November 19, 2007

Will We Go Today Or Not?

Jack is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow in Dallas. We just spent our morning hospital hopping. He had his HBO treatment at Hendrick, then we went straight to ARMC for a chest x-ray. If there is anything that shows up in his chest then we will reschedule his eye surgery tomorrow. I am just waiting to hear back from the doctor. Jack SO wants this surgery over and done with. He is excited that his eye will be fixed and to have his mediport removed. But he still has a cough, so we will see. I told him that if his surgery was cancelled for tomorrow the bright side is that he will be able to really enjoy all of our family who come in tomorrow night, he can feel good and keep up with everyone. I also told him that he could help me make some Christmas candy today if we stay put - he was all about that. Either way we will be happy, get it over with or postpone. The Lord knows what is best and He will work it out.
I will post when I hear from the doctor.