November 09, 2007

The Brokenhearted

Good Friday morning. The weekend is almost upon us and I am amazingly blessed. I have a sweet family inside these walls, I have a sweet family that extends across Abilene to several states and then oversea's.
I had the opportunity to take some pictures last night as a gift to women and children who have had it rough. I have ALWAYS known it is better to give than receive, and I am always thrilled to be on the giving end. Within these family groups there was love. There were hearts that had been broken and lives that needed mending but in it all they were transitioning to a new normal.
I am afraid that many of us walk around not realizing just how blessed we are, myself included. Most of us that have a computer to read this on have clothes to spare, accessories for those clothes, clothes that fit our kids, and I would guess that most of us are safe in our homes. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me a glimpse into lives that remind me of how much we need the Father's love and that the brokenhearted of this world are plenty and they are blessed by our simple kindness, because maybe kindness has not come plenty to them.
Father forgive me for overlooking the brokenhearted help me to seek them in Your name.


Amy said...

Love your post. I take my abundant blessings for granted so often.

Sounds like a good evening of sharing your photography gift with others!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

I don't know where you went, but I'm glad you got to go and to do some good things for others using your talents, Tammy.

I also hope the Coffee Group is doing well this weekend (isn't it this weekend?) with y'all's talks.

Much love to you all!


P. S. Drop by Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles because I'm doing words from a letter of the alphabet every day of things I'm thankful for and asking everyone to join in with their thankful words in comment.


Lisa said...

Amen, sister.