The Power of the Word

Monday morning. I have woken from a wonderful nights sleeep after spending the weekend with The Coffee Group in New Braunfels, TX at a ladies retreat for Westover Hills Church of Christ from Austin. The weekend was full of God's mercies and grace bestowed on all of His children who are searching to be one step closer to Him each day of our lives. To speak the Word of the Lord to anyone is such a gift in and of itself. But I have yet to ever speak without immense gratitude to Jesus for lifting my eyes from the mud and the myre of my past and to Him, I am grateful for Jesus. I am always grateful for the reminder from the Holy Spirit that it is only through our Lord Jesus Christ that my eyes have been open to my own sin and it is through His love that I keep desiring more and more of Jesus and less of me.
My favorite line from the Coal Miner's Daughter is after Loretta comes off the stage at the Grand Ole Opry and she says to Doo her husband, "Doo, I could die tomorrow cause I ain't never gonna be happier than I am right now."
That is how I feel every time I have told how God's grace lifted me and the power of Jesus healing in my life. There is nothing else on this earth that compares with tesifying to God's love and truth. Thank you Jesus.
Thank you friends and family who faithfully lifted this weekend in prayer, the Lord was Mighty this weekend.


Anonymous said…
I'm really glad y'all had a good weekend, Tammy, and that you're having a great Monday. I'm sure Jack's health and recent good report have a lot to do with it, too, so I'm happy about that for you.

Much love to you all today!

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles
Tom and Jan said…
Hi Tammy...

Tom and I are sooooo happy to hear of everything going on in your family's life...and all the good news about JACK!!!

(((((the Marcelain Family)))))



ps...just posted all the good news about Jack on our Blog!!! PTL!!!

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