2 Miles

Friday morning. Ashley and Riley are here visiting with us this morning. We head out to the pool in about 45 minutes. We got a bit of rain last night and it is a bit chilly, but I am sure it will be sweltering by 10:30am. I am sooooo tired. It is completely my fault. There is a new camera bag that went on the market last night and me and a thousand other photographers were dying to be the first to buy it online so we can get it shipped immediately and not wait for the next shipment to be completed. Once I wake up it is next to impossible to fall back asleep, so I knew I was risking my whole nights sleep by setting my alarm clock for midnight, when I didn't go to sleep until 11pm. The site went live at about 2:45 and by 3:00 I was the proud owner of a new camera bag. I am too tired to link but you can go to see my new bag at shootsac.com.
The people who sit in front of walmart to buy the newest video games, I feel your pain.

Rob and I have been walking around the campus of ACU on Thursday nights when we drop the kids off at thai kwon do. We have a great time walking around such a beautiful path. It is 2 miles, and it goes by in a flash. I like to walk, but I like to walk somewhere, not in a circle around a track 8 times. On a track, every time my walk leads me by the parking lot, the pull of my car is magnetic, it is calling to me saying, aren't you bored, you have walked enough, come on let's go. But on the walking path at ACU you park and don't see your car again for 2 miles, so there is NO temptation to quit half way. Even if it is muggy and hot like last night, I can guarantee that I never would have gone 8 times around a track in the yucky humidity and heat last night.

Enjoy your weekend!


Donna Ware said…
Love the ACU path too. Although, I am huffing and puffing and Phil is dragging me the last 1.8 miles. But I am really peppy the first .2 miles. (I think I need to exercise more-- nah!)
Ok, I'm loving the Shootsac. Gonna have to put it on my wish list. Did you get a cover, too?

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