October 07, 2008

No Fear, Holding on to God.

Tuesday morning. Need to finish getting ready to head out of town for my seminar. Confession time here: Traveling is not easy for me, anyone who knows me well enough knows that I ask for prayers when I travel. I could very easily be the kind of person who stays home and never leaves her hometown, I have not always been this way. Whether it is for a Dr.'s appt. for Jack in Dallas, a girls shopping day in the big city, me driving to a seminar, I get a little freaked out. This morning after I saw the kids off to the school bus I was sitting on my couch and my hands were visibly and uncontrollably shaking, I immediately went into my scripture and bible study and God's rational peace came over me. Satan wants to keep me home, he wants to fill my head with fears, he wants me to not look forward and certainly not go where God is calling me. Thanks be to God I will not allow that to happen, I will not let fear set my path, I just have to be in God's word. He is in control. Sometimes it just takes me about 2 minutes to remember that, those are two very painful minutes. Thank you God for being the Navigator of my days.