October 18, 2008

Saturday in Review

Rob's dad flew home today. It was a super fun visit. I took these pics today, we went by Rob's work so his dad could say goodbye to him. I got a couple of pics out the back alley from the bakery where Rob works of the kids with grandpa, and Rob with his dad. I love the pic of Rob and his dad.

Then we went to the Abilene Zoo. It was fun and the weather is wonderlicious right now, so it just calls us to be outside. This first pic is of a friendly flamingo. His name was #67 and came right up to the edge of the water on the side to say hello. I think he might have wanted us to give him a snack, but instead I got this totally cool in your flamingo face pic. He was happy to model.

Then we went into the Zoo Shop. It was fun looking around and when I spotted the hat Robert is wearing it reminded me of Albert and Costello in the Jungle. What a great duo. Derek felt like the bat needed to be in the picture also, I guess it looks just like it belongs with this batty group. If I had to name this image it would be Albert and Costello go ghetto batty.

We had a great day.


Becky K said...

I love that the flamingos name was #67. Great pics.