October 02, 2008

Family Camera

We have come to our somewhat regular showing of what I have taken pictures of with my little G9. As a typical week might have download several thousand images from my work camera, my family camera sits lonely in my purse or car wondering when my pictures will find themselves to my computer.

These first pictures are of an elders meeting at our church. Once a month they have a baptismal blessing for all who were baptized through the previous month. Derek was invited to be blessed and it was a wonderful night. These first pics are of Derek and others in the center of a group of elders and family where they lay hands on and pray over them. The last of this series is Derek holding up a towel that one of our ladies at church makes for each person who was baptized to receive. It reminds us of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and that is what we are called to do in a similar fashion by serving those around us.

Here are some pics of my studio the night of Artwalk where I was the featured artist in the Cockerell Galleries. I decided it was a good time to show some of my work from my time in California earlier this year at a seminar. It was a really fun night, I met a lot of new people, and met several people who were interested in learning more about photography. I am blessed to be in a building where hundreds, I think this time 900 or so people walk by, in and around to look at all the art from the many different artists. It is a blessing to show my work and get feedback from others.

I needed to fill this wall and have a large print to hang there, but for the show I had the print in the foyer downstairs to welcome people to my showing. I will be taking everything down this weekend to allow for the next artist to hang their work. So this little collage I think will come down and I will hang an awesome 30x40 on this wall. I love these mirrors, they remind me a bit of something that might have been hanging in the Vegas home of the Corleone's in The Godfather 2.