October 29, 2008

Refresh...Cardboard Testimonies

This past Sunday our Refresh service (2nd) did the Cardboard Testimonies. It was beautiful. Our family was the first up after Vann started the testimonies, I loved that because I got to watch the looks on everyone's faces as they read the testimonies, after each testimony the people in the pews clapped for joy about God's deliverance. But I didn't get to see the tears in the eyes of my Christian brothers and sisters as they held their testimony for the church to read, seeing their tears for the first time in the video brought tears to my eyes. My favorite part of this post is not just the video testimony but the members of the church were invited to write their cardboard testimonies out and walk up to the front and place them at the foot of the cross.

I am grateful that these were posted so I could read each person's testimony. They were all anonymous. I was overwhelmed, so many are silent in their pain, so many struggle and are battling sin on their own. I want to hold up a banner that says I am here, we are all here, we are here for you. Let's walk through this together, allow me the honor to stand beside you, pray for you, you are worthy, you are loved, you are precious, wonderfully made. Don't let Satan keep you silent, shout it out loud, bring it to the light. My prayer is that having to write one's own cardboard testimony and being truthful about it, will make it easier to share with others.

To read the cardboard testimonies brought up to the cross by the members cut and paste this:


Amber Joy said...

How I'm crying right now. I miss my SH family.

Barbara said...

Awesome!!!! God is good!!!
Hugs, B

Becky K said...

That is so wonderful and inspirational. I am so moved by that. Thank you for posting.

mad4books said...

Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this with everyone! Not only did my sister and I cry when Jack held up his sign (Karen used to be your neighbor--Houston, Hannah, & Molly's mom), but we *gasped* when a woman we've been worrying about and talking about JUST THIS WEEK held up hers!

This morning I made my sister her favorite breakfast and told her that I had some good news for her. While she ate, I played her Jack's Pilot for a Day slideshow (made her cry) and then the Southern Hills testimonies (made her simultaneously laugh and weep).

Thank you for a WONDERFUL start to our weekend!!

P.S. It's such a small world in our beloved Abilene. Everyone I know knows YOU!

Karen said...

Very moving. Thanks for sharing.