October 12, 2008

Irresistible Revolution

I am about one third through this book. Don't read this book if you like living comfortably numb.

I love this book, it is full of incredible stories of seeking the lost, tending to the poor, loving the dying. I asked my friend Vanessa if this book was going to make me feel bad. You know the books that challenge your soft places that feel so comfortable to reside in. It hasn't made me feel bad, but it has confirmed that there is so much more to serving Christ than shaking a hand during Sunday morning service. It also makes me want to sell all my junk and give it to the poor. Thanks Vanessa.
The weird thing about that is, I am ready for it. There does however happen to be 4 other people living with me who like their junk. So I am waiting on the Lord to show me how one lives a devoted life to Him, be an effective witness and not be caught up in the psychoness of our society.

God show me your heart on this. To the ends of the earth...


Becky K said...

Once you figure it out if you could share I would appreciate it.

Barbara said...