October 06, 2008

Sacrifice, Bible Study Rock's, Moo

Monday morning. I am starting my week a bit scattered, I have a lot to do and feel like my week is already half over. I leave tomorrow for a lighting seminar in Dallas, what I want to do is just cram 3 days work into today, but that is not what God is calling me to do.

Monday has become my day of spiritual, emotional and family tending day. My flesh is tempted to stay on this computer and work until my Christian Spiritual Formation class starts today, but after this blog post I will shut it down and take care of what is on the inside. I have found just a morning of sacrifice, several hours, not just a thirty minute block gives the rest of my week a better outlook. When I feel rushed and scattered I think I must work, but in reality that is when I need to stop and pray. I love the autobiography of George Mueller, he talks about that a lot. If I will put God before the other, He seems to make it all work out better than if I had tried to do so myself.

Our Ladies Bible Class last night was wonderful. We have several new faces that haven't done a bible study class on Sunday nights before. One of those ladies asked me if the classes were always like this, so open and truthful, women sharing their deepest spiritual battles and fears. It seems like the Sunday night classes are getting better and better, God's spirit is tendering hearts and I love being with a group of women where we can grow in the Lord and pray for each other. This bible study we are doing is called The Power of a Praying Woman, by Stormie O'Martian (pronounced O'Mart - e-an) and it is powerful. She is a perfect example of someone set free from bondage and who has victory in Jesus. I have her book Power of a Praying Wife and by reading that and praying the prayers God has changed my heart in my marriage so many ways.

I received my new Mini Moo Cards in the mail this weekend. I will take a picture of them and post it tomorrow, they are so fun and artsy. I just listed my name, my business website and my personal blog, they are more like a calling card than a traditional business card. Then at the bottom of the card I had printed...

grace, love, joy, mercy...shine on.

And that is my wish for you today.


Susan said...

The Bible Study sounds wonderful. Is it too late to join?

Sharon said...

If you are interested in a topical study of the Bible visit http://www.cfcindia.com/web/mainpages/topical_bible_study.php for an anointed word by Zac Poonen