October 16, 2008

Jesus Takes My Breath Away

Thursday morning. My father in law flew in last night for a short 2 day visit. It is always good to see his face. I stayed in the car while Rob and the kids when to greet him off the plane, our little airport is under massive construction in the parking lot. So the only way you can park is to park in a lot a fair park away, then be shuttled to the drop off area at the airport. Makes for a long process just to pick someone up at our tiny little 2 gate airport. But the good news is while I was there last night I got to see the wonderful new parking lot that is being constructed, looks like it is somewhat close to being done and it is covered which is even cooler. So yeah for little old Abilene Regional.

Tuesday night I was blessed to speak at the City Lights Ministries in downtown Abilene. It is an awesome ministry that reaches out to the homeless and whomever else needs some love in our community. It was a fun night and I made some new friends. I gave my testimony and shared how much Jesus loves each one of us. Each one of us were created for such a time as this, and that just makes me so happy to think about. I was pretty open about my previous drug and alcohol use in my early twenties and then talked about Jack's tumor. I loved the openness in each of the ladies and their hearts to give me a holla' out.
One of the ladies asked me which gives the greater high, c*caine or Jesus, I said, " Jesus for sure," and they all screamed like I had scored a touchdown. It was such a blessing to be there. I have added some new people to my prayer list, and I look forward to being with them each time they meet. The group is called Rockin' Mom's and they share a meal and have another activity, sometimes crafts, sometimes a movie, or a speaker. One of the mom's told me that she would be praying for Jack and for his face to be completely healed. Her faith was very strong and I appreciate that she is lifting my son's name to the Father.

I am so grateful that God has delivered me from a life that sought worldly things to fill my empty places. He fills us so completely with His love. I was remembering before I spoke the other night how it felt to run around in circles like a hamster on a wheel, never getting anywhere, in fact losing ground with each day. Not a good feeling. Through Jesus we are offered a life that has a healthy rhythm, a life of peace and fulfillment. He truly takes my breath away.


Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful...in every way.

Barbara said...

I am so happy for you, that you found your voice and shared your love. God is so good.