October 09, 2008

Christmas Music and Beth Moore

My friend Yvonne emailed me this today. Thank goodness because mine went to spam and I might not have found it. If I was Julie Andrews and I listed a few of my favorite things Christmas music and Beth Moore would definitely make my list. At first I was pretty excited because I thought there was a Cypress outside of Dallas, which there is, but there is another Cypress outside of Houston and that is where it will be held. Seven hour drive ; ( I might need to listen to my new Travis Cottrell Christmas CD and work on my Beth Moore study and just pretend that I was there. There is a very fun tour with Beth going on in the northern area of the states this fall, enjoy the autumn colors by day and a lesson from Beth at night. Now that would be most joyful.


Scott & Sandy F said...

You know, Round Rock is a good 1/2 way point if you need a place to stay on the way down or back or both!