October 05, 2008

Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning. Rob is already off to church because he is working the sound booth in first service. The other kids and I will join him for class and then second.

I wanted to thank Sarah for a beautiful prayer from her heart for Anonymous that she left in the comments of the previous post. Keep Anonymous and his family in your prayers.

I shot a wedding yesterday, it was over at the Willow Creek Chapel, the wind was a bit strong but we made it through. The bride and groom were driven off in a horse and buggy, it was very pretty.

This week I am headed to Dallas for a seminar on lighting. The schedule is rigorous and will go into the night as it is on "lighting" shooting in the dark is an important component. I will learn all about different types of lighting set ups, one of our field trips is to walk from the studio 4 blocks to the Dallas State Fair and shoot there at night. That should be fun, and it will certainly be great experience. Besides learning new tips of the trade the best part is always meeting other professional photographers and learning from each other during our time together.

I will be sure and post some of those images by the end of the week.

I got home late from the wedding last night so I was up for Saturday Night Live, this time of year right before voting time is such a great time for this show. Tina Fey looks almost more like Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin does. It is a bit freaky.

I loved watching the Vice Presidential debates the other night, it was the first one I have ever seen. I like both Joe and Sarah. No real comments about the debate, but I thought for the most part I understood what both candidates were saying, sometimes in debates I have no clue what they are even talking about.