October 03, 2008

Let's pray for Anonymous.

I got an anonymous comment on my blog post today, "I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief." I wish I had an email address to let this family know that I would be praying for them and then I decided that it would be a blessing if we could all join in prayer for this family. I would bet that we all know people who feel crushed in their faith, maybe it is you, and I know it has been me. There is no more helpless feeling that I have experienced than to feel like God doesn't care. But as this man has been praying for the last week, and as I pray for myself, to help me overcome my unbelief - the power of Jesus will enter in and will increase your faith if that is what your heart is truly seeking. I pray that prayer every day, we will never have a faith that has reached it's pinnacle until our faith becomes sight. So many things are going on in our nation today, in our world, much of it doesn't seem to make sense and a lot of people are frightened. Scripture is so clear that we can not put our hope in this world, it is fleeting and it's ruler is the Prince of Darkness, we are only to be disappointed if we put our hope in our money, homes, or other people. God truly is our only hope, but sometimes we get shaken so much that we open a door for satan to bring in doubt, that is exactly what happened to me. Sometimes it helps me to really examine that power I give satan in my life, and it invigorates me to not let him take the ball to score a touchdown and crush my faith even more. I believe that satan really thinks of us a pawns in a game of chess, the more he can knock off the board, or hold back from really trusting God he scores a point for his home team. It is all about him hating God, him hating us, and trying to leave us without hope when we want to trust God. Although it seems like satan's voice is louder at times. But God is right there, he has overcome satan, we need only to give Him our heart fully and hold on. When things have been hard for me I will often close my eyes and picture me and God on a bicycle, He is driving and I have wrapped my arms around His waist with my head buried in His back, I am feeling the wind hit me, but He really is in front of me fighting the unseen battles.

Here is this gentleman's comment on my post. Please close your eyes after you read this and ask God to make His presence known and to increase this man's belief.


My wife was diagnosed almost 5 yrs ago w/ breast cancer. Thank God we have come through it. Yet, for the past 5 years our entire life has been pure hell. I have lost 3 jobs, (not thru my fault), made a stupid investment that is sucking money away and our faith. I have for about 1.5 weeks now been praying Mark 9. What a powerful thing to pray, yet my faith has been crushed. I somehow have become so beaten that I do not really believe that God cares any more. I have even told God that I am sorry for my disbelief. Please pray for what God has placed in my heart about my job, family, etc.... I know that it is HIS will and desires for me and my family. I am just so spiritually, emotionally, and, physically drained. I want to see my good Father again.

I want to thank the writer of this comment for taking the time to post. You have blessed me today by allowing me to enter into your families life and lift you to the Father.

Father God I pray a mighty prayer that only You can answer. Please be with this man and his family as they have had so many struggles over the last years. I pray that you will bless him with your presence and raise Him up with the power of your Holy Spirit. Father I know that once our hearts are truly broken to what we deem the most important thing, whether that be health or financial stability or so many other things we hold onto, once our heart is broken to those things and we realize the words in scripture that all we really have is You, that is when we can truly call you Lord and Savior and mean every word of it. Father God you are the King and you have overcome and we praise You for that. I pray blessings of hope, faith and strength over this family. May Your face shine upon them so they can feel your warmth. I know you will Father, and when this man looks back over his life he will rejoice because he finished the race and did not give up.
In Jesus Mighty name,


Sarah said...

Tammy, thank you for sharing this man's needs with us. Anonymous: "As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you." 1 Samuel 12:23.

I seem to be being made aware of more and more people that life is crushing from all sides. It can be so hard to keep faith.

Lord, you know our hearts. You know we long for the peace you offer, the hope of you, and the comfort you offer. But, Father, this world is such a mess these days. Our earthly foundations -- of health and finances and employment -- continually ebb, flow, and sway. We see that there is nothing on this earth we can fully trust. So we wonder, "Can we fully trust You?" Lead us into the answer, Lord. Lead us to know You fully, trust You fully. Lead us to know Your loving Spirit that surrounds us and strengthens us. Lord, sometimes it all seems so black. Lead us to see Your light, Lord. Lead those of us around disheartened people to BE Your light, Lord. Lord, may we reflect Your glory to those around us. Fill us with Your Spirit. Replace the doubt and fear that seems to have taken up permanent residence with hope and praise for the Deliverer. Lead us to know that Your faithfulness isn't dependent on our circumstances, Father. Thank You for loving, being ever-faithful, and continuing to grant us each new day to try again, Lord. Lord, I pray that over each of us, but specifically for the seeking heart that posted the comment: let him KNOW Your presence. Overflow Your love, hope, peace, and even JOY to this family that there is no doubt where it came from. May he be "filled to the measure of the fullness of God." (Ephesians 3:19)

May Jesus be praised, and through and in Him we live, move, have our being and offer this prayer.