October 19, 2008

A Couple More Zoo Shots

One of my most favorite parts of the zoo is buying for a quarter some animal feed, then tossing it over the edge of the platform to the fish in Nelson Lake. It is wild and crazy, if you throw out a good amount dozens of fish will rise to the surface to try and make that meal their own. They climb all over each other trying to get to the feed. Here is a fish that wanted to send a shout out this Sunday. Holla!! says the fish.

This shot is a bit creepy. The green mamba snake was all over it's cage. In and of itself it is freaky to me to see a snake slithering around looking for a meal or a way out. This snake was all about watching the people who walked by, I really do think it wanted to eat us. In this shot the snake was gazing at a man who was looking at an exhibit across from the green mamba's house. I am not a big fan of snakes.


Michelle said...

Great captures!

Brandi said...

Don't we have a wonderful zoo? Mattie May just loves the snakes and I can't get out of there soon enough! Great pictures.