October 07, 2008

Dallas Seminar/ Mother Teresa

I made it safe to Dallas today. Pretty uneventful which is awesome. The seminar was full of alot of info I posted some pics over on my photog blog from the Dallas fair tonight. We did some on location lighting set ups at the fair. The fair is huge and full of all sorts of cool lights and all types of people.
Yesterday was my favorite class so far in my Christian Spiritual Formation class. This class was on the social part of spirituality, helping others, taking care of the poor. There was a great video shown on Mother Teresa, who is one of my greatest hero's. I have read so many books on her life before, her standard for living and serving, but I have never seen her in a movie or on television except for a blurb here and there on the news. Watching her take care of the dying brought tears to my eyes. She used her hands all the time, she would touch people's hands, their faces, the top of their heads. She was a true servant. The little flower is what her name means, but I say she might have been little, but she was a giant in servanthood.

One of the speeches that was featured on the video yesterday was when she gave a speech at one of the major universities and she said that she was surprised that the people in the United States were among the poorest of the poor spiritually. She said in India you could give someone something to eat and they would be o.k., but here in the states we were poor in a way that was much more difficult to treat. She opened up a mission in New York to tend to the poor there, poor, lonely, forgotten people.
Tomorrow is a busy day. A full day of learning then heading home tomorrow night. Don't forget to click over to see my Dallas Fair pics they are full of beautiful bright colors and images.


Nic Mount said...

How cool! Nic was just telling you about that video. Awesome. Have fun in Dallas.