October 09, 2008

Back Home.

Home again. I learned alot in the last couple of days at the lighting seminar. JVS Studios who taught the seminar were awesome. A perfect team. They are also a studio that shoots everything with artificial light. Could be a gorgeous day outside and the sweet light be perfect and they would more than likely re-light the whole set up. Each photographer in the industry has to set themselves apart and create their own look. This studio has done that exceptionally well. Joseph the J in JVS is a true master in light, he knows the physics, he loves the technical side, that is his thing, his wife Anne is exceptional with people and creativity. Like I said a perfect team.

It was a great couple of days, the other photographers that attended were stellar photographers, it was great to make new friends in the industry.

So what else is up? My kids were glad to see my face this morning when they woke up. I am looking forward to some serious computer time to get work done.


Julie Adams said...

I loved the fair photos! I went and had a great time!!! I missed out on some fried snacks though - I am boring!!!