December 06, 2008

Babette Ate Oatmeal

Saturday night. Rob, Sophie and Derek just went up to ACU to see the theatre production of The Wedding. My cousin's son is in the play and we were all SO looking forward to seeing it. Jack woke up with a horrible sore throat this morning and a fever. Took him to the walk in clinic and they put him on antibiotics. They didn't test him for strep throat, but that is probably what it was. So Jack and I are a bit bummed to not be at the theatre tonight ; (
Earlier today when Jack thought he might be up to going this evening I asked him if we should take Corban some flowers as this was closing night for the play. Jack said, that boys get chocolate not flowers. So we bought him a big candy bar.

I found a cool web site today and bought this shirt and this shirt. I could have selected about 10 more, but how many Gilmore Girl t-shirts does one girl need. I might not ever outgrow my love for t-shirts. I have this "you are 40 years old now" start dressing like it bubble looming over my head on a pretty regular basis. But I am continuing to ignore the bubble in most cases. I LOVE fun t-shirts. You could ask my sweet friend Judy who drove me all around Dallas one afternoon so I could buy an inspi(red) t-shirt. That is a good friend I tell ya! It continues to be my most favorite t-shirt, but it will be a close call once I get my new shirts in.
I just finished reading Twilight, and thanks to M'chelle have the next 3 here at my house ready to read. Started on New Moon and am about 40 pages into it. I am enjoying the series. I went and saw the movie by myself last week at the first showing before the kids got out of school. Rob hasn't read the book and I am thinking he probably wont, so I thought it would be easy just to head to the show myself. One of my favorite things to do is to see a movie by myself. I LOVE seeing movies with my hubby and friends too, don't get me wrong. But there is something totally vegetative and calming sitting in a dark theatre totally engrossed in the movie on the screen when I am alone. So the movie was good and fun to watch.
I have a project that I will be shooting this Wednesday that I am pretty excited about. I have always enjoyed expanding my photography business to learn and experiment with new types of shoots. This shoot will be more of a commercial shoot, many women involved, set design, lighting...mmmm. So excited. This is really an area of photography I see myself pursuing as I get older. See it's that 40 year old thing again.
Note to self: start shopping for Christmas this week!! 2 gifts down, many more to go.


Megster said...

You will have to give me the scoop on the whole twilight series thing, I am intrigued but I am not sure about the whole vampire thing. Let me know, see you at church and I love the T-shirts!!!

Becky K said...

I love love love funny shirts. We search out shirts for Dallas whenever holidays come around. You are never too old for fun. I love you.

M & K Gililland said...

We missed you and Jack at the play. Corban loved the chocolate. It was a big hit. He gave Derek a huge hug and said "thank you, thank you, thank you." Hope Jack is better.