December 15, 2008

Simple Christianity

Monday morning. Last week of school before the kiddo's are out for the holidays. I am excited for their holidays as I am taking a holiday too! I have a wedding to shoot, but other than that I am taking time away from my computer work while my kids are home. It is a much needed break for all of us. One thing I have figured out with my job is that there is always work to do, there is never downtime unless I make it intentionally. I am a rough boss to have as I don't give myself very much time off, I should give myself a raise ; )


I continue to think about all the content of the Christian Spiritual Formation class that I audited at ACU this last semester. It was such a great class, but I think I have said that like 100 times here already. I am so drawn to people who are searching for God, taking their walk deeper, not afraid to be put out of their comfort zone. I love being challenged and inspired by the people around me. One of the things that I am thinking about today is how many Christians are constantly seeking and searching, but not necessarily putting into action what they already know. That stopped me in my tracks when I heard it the first time. Why am I seeking if I am not acting on what I have already learned. More information does not a better Christian make. I immediately thought about areas of my life that were not aligned with God's will for me, things I knew that I had not addressed even though it was clearly in scripture. My desire for myself is to focus on the simplicity of Christianity, the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control, think about the Beattitudes in Matthew.

I have met people who simply write off a bad temper as a character flaw rather than see it as a sin, or others who might not be kind and gentle with people around them in a disagreement. Then there is the "go to the person you have a disagreement with and make amends" scripture, even if it is not your fault, be the first one to step up to the plate. These are basic Christian expectations in scripture, they are simple enough for a child to learn, but the question is if we are humble enough to seek and follow the will of Christ.

My life experiences have taught me that there is nothing worth separating myself from God in any area. I pray that God will show me and help me go back to the basics and see what areas that I need to address to have that firm foundation in Him. All the learning in the world will not shine the love of Christ through our eyes, but kindness and gentleness and acting in love and patience screams from the rooftops that Christ is the Master we serve.

One of my favorite books written that talks about how simple Christianity really is, is The Simple Path, written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She is someone who walked the talk, and this book really affected me and helped me see the importance of the simplicity of following Christ.

I will always be a seeker, God continually calls all of us closer in our walk, deeper into Him as He has so many things to teach us, so many mysteries and so much power that I can't help but being drawn to that, but I must focus on the 101 and make sure I am not neglecting my basics in Christianity.


The Walters' Family said...

I've been reading the Irresistable Revolution by Shane C. Incredible book...but very disturbing. In someways, I feel like I have gotten everything wrong in my Christian if Jesus and I aren't hanging out in the same places. He describes leprosy in the book, and how it is a disease where the skin becomes numb. Oh, the Lord is so good. I'm trying to get past the areas I have become numb to...the homeless, the hurting, those different from me...and begin feeling again. It isn't enough to just know about Jesus anymore. Thanks for recommending the book.