December 28, 2008

Half Way Mark, Christmas Holiday is Great.

Sunday morning. Rob and Jack woke early as Rob is working in the sound booth at church this morning and the kids take turns going with him. Jack decided to sleep in his clothes so he wouldn't have any chance of being late and missing out on his sound booth day.

Christmas vacation is going splendidly this year. The best one I can remember actually, it is low key, the kids are loving their presents, and the best part of all is that Rob is home. His last day at the bakery was the 24th, he starts his new job tomorrow, so he has had 4 days off in a row. Except for when Jack was in the hospital and a trip out of town Rob has never had 4 days off in a row, free to do as he pleases, for 17 years. It has been such a blessing to have him home.

The kids and I will be watching the weather this week, we might take a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo. We will see how that works out. Tomorrow might be the best day to go with the New Years holiday coming up this week.

Derek turns 12 years old on the 31st. He is pretty excited about his birthday! I am not a big fan of sleepovers, the staying up late part doesn't bother me, but the grouchy kids for the day or two after makes me crazy. That was what he had wanted to do, but I am going to let him pick something else. Mean mom I know.

Read another's review on Seven Pounds, she was not happy with the movie either. Unless you want to be depressed and slightly confused don't go and see it.

Enjoy your Sunday.