December 17, 2008

Sugar is not my friend.

Two more school days for the kids then it is time for vacation. It has been a busy week. I have been feeling poorly over the last couple of weeks. Too much sugar. I finally put myself on sugar arrest, cutting way back and making it mandatory to eat a protein if I eat something sweet. I am feeling much better. Not necessarily an easy time of year to watch sugar intake, but it is certainly better than feeling so sluggish.

Many people who don't live here in Abilene have asked me about my husbands new job. What is DRI? Disability Resources Inc. I shot a Day In the Life out there a couple of weeks ago. Rob will be a Resident Coordinator, he will have some administrative duties as far as keeping up with the government required paperwork, he will also work some with the residents. I love DRI and I am so excited for him to be out there with the people. That still doesn't really answer what DRI is, it is a place where disabled people can live and work in community. There are many types of disabilities, Downs and Autism being the most prevalent I think. The residents love being there and they bring such joy to all who are around them. I am excited for Rob to start, his first day will be December 29th. To see the Day in the Life Slideshow of DRI you can click here.

One of my friends sent a great You Tube video to me yesterday. Sarah put it up on the Coffee Group Blog. The video is of a writer reading about the blessings of friendships. I have watched it 3 times and it has made me tear up twice and cry once. The words are beautiful and it is so well written. Click here to see the video on the Coffee Group Blog.