December 26, 2008

Tammy's Movie Reviews

3 movies in 2 days.
First there was Marley and Me, the whole family enjoyed it, tear jerker. I give it 4 stars. Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson were both delightful in this movie. I love true stories which makes it even better.

Next Bedtime Stories, I went in with low expectations because the rating on the web gave it 1 star. Most of the time I wont even go to a movie that has only one star, but we really wanted to take the kids to the movies again today, so we gave it a shot. All of us liked it, it helped that I went in with low expectations. I would give it about 2 and a half stars.

Then Rob and I went and saw Seven Pounds with Will Smith tonight. It was VERY long, and quite heartbreaking to watch, there were many sniffles in the theatre and at the end the tears were a flowin' I would give it 3 stars. It is a much darker movie than I expected, and pretty slow moving. It was a movie that one doesn't soon forget, it will be in your head for days after.

We like to see movies at our house while the kids are on vacation. Something we look forward to and anticipate on Christmas vacation.

I bought the book of the Tale of Despereaux for Jack for Christmas, once he finishes reading it we will go see it in the movie theatres.

Haven't really heard great reviews on anything out there, I had heard that The Boy In The Striped Pajamas was wonderful, but unfortunately it is only showing during the afternoon, and I don't think it is for kids. Other than Pajamas everything seems to be mediocre on reviews. If you have seen a movie just released and love it or hate it leave it in the comments and that will help me out, we still have over a week left on vacation after all.


Joanne Kennedy said...

I loved Marley and Me. Didn't know that was a true story. However, I think anyone who has every owned a pet could tell a story very close to it.

I saw Reader. I thought it was ok but my sister and BIL LOVED it.


Brandi said...

I didn't know that Marley and Me was a true story. But heard it was very sad.

We did take Mattie May to see The Tale of Despereax (sp). She really liked it even though I think the story was over her head, more for older children. The animation is beautiful, more like art work. We plan on reading the book to her when she is older then buying the DVD.