December 19, 2008

It's a scene From The Godfather I tell ya, only better.

I am so excited about tonight. My favorite movie has come to my favorite movie theatre. For those that live or have lived in Abilene you know the Paramount Theatre . For those who haven't let me tell you about an old fashioned movie house that we are so blessed to have in our little town. The theatre was built in the early 1900's and then restored in 1986. It is old fashioned and beautiful. A large red curtain covers the movie screen and draws back when the movie starts, the sky of the movie theatre is filled with twinkle lights and moving clouds, there is an old fashioned box office that sells the movie tickets. The snack bar has old fashioned prices, so you can actually afford popcorn without breaking what is left of the piggy bank for a wonderful night out.

So tonight the stars have converged, the planets are alligned...the most wonderful night of events. Rob and I are going to go out on a date which is wonderful in itself, but it is cold out, The Paramount lights are lit, It's A Wonderful Life is showing and it is almost Christmas. Each time I think about tonight I think about the scene in Godfather where Michael Corleone and Kay are out in the snowy city shopping for Christmas and then they go see a movie, she is in her fur coat and holding on to his arm, the lights are blinking at the movie house and they are happier than they ever will be again in the trilogy. So picture me on Rob's arm walking down the sidewalk in the cool brisk air with the Paramount grandeur of lights shining off of our faces, and we will be starring in our own production tonight. I wont be wearing a fur coat, but I do have this fun little fur wrap that goes around my neck that I could pull out in a pinch ; ) And I do expect that our happiness will continue in greater scale than even today, so it's better than the movie.

I am just as excited to go out with my husband of 13 years tonight as I was when we first started dating.


I am feeling nostalgic and wordy at the moment, but it is time for me to get to work. I have friends coming over for coffee and brekky in just over an hour, time to make the German Pancakes.

From your giddy cyber friend. Merry Christmas.


Susan said...

I hope your date tonight is every bit as wonderful as the movie you'll be seeing.

We are blessed to have husbands we love and who love us. Enjoy!

Julie Adams said...

Wow... Your marriage is picturesque of the type of marriage God intends for us.... Well... I want to see Christmas photos of the kids! I know you have that lense ready!!!

Anonymous said...

That is my all time fave, too. Would love to see it at the Paramount. Enjoy!

Sharon Winkler