December 12, 2008

Faith IS the victory.

Faith is the victory. How many times have I sung that song and never thought about what the words meant? Every time.

How many times have I thought the outcome is more important than the journey? Alot.

Faith IS the victory, believing and trusting God to take care of me and work His masterpiece around me for His glory and not to appease me in my circumstances, and to be good with that, now that's a victory.

How often have I found delight in God's workings even if they don't seem to line up with where I want things to go? I find that completely invigorating, extremely humbling, and freakishly exciting. I am glad that God does not give me the boring life I ask for, where everything lines up perfectly, all hospital corners are tucked proficiently, He gives me a life full of adventure, learning to trust Him more everyday. He rocks my little world. The challenge for me is what I choose to do with those messy hospital corners.