December 08, 2008

Monday Morning

Good morning on a Monday. Just a couple of weeks before Christmas! I have had two somewhat free weekends with my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing holiday stuff. Yesterday was Christmas card addressing and finishing of the tree. Jack came down with something this weekend, took him to the walk in clinic on Saturday, the Nurse Practitioner didn't test him for strep, but thought that might be what he has, either that or something else that would be treated with the same antibiotic. I made the mistake of letting her talk me into NOT giving Jack a shot. Big mistake. I just assumed he would get a shot and be back to normal to go back to school today, but the nurse said that the antibiotics work just as quick as the shot, and she said she doesn't give the kids a shot unless it is necessary. Jack is still on the couch not feeling well, but he is feeling better, so the medicine is working, the shot would have put him back on his feet much quicker. Oh well live and learn.
Rob took me to see the new Bond movie this weekend. It was good. I like the new way Bond is going much less s*x and skin, and more action. I forgot how racey the early Bond movies were as I hadn't seen them since I was a kid, too racey for my kiddo's to watch, or me for that matter.
I just read on yahoo news in the headline that Obama smokes cigarettes. Who knew? Apparently he munched away on nicotene gum while on the campaign trail to keep his addiction at bay. He told the reporter he had quit but that he falls off the wagon. I found that odd for some reason. He seems so healthy, and like someone who would make healthy choices. I took care of my mom along with my siblings in her last weeks after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Small Cell Carcinoma, diagnosed and in just weeks she passed away. It was a difficult several weeks for her. She was healthy in every way, ate more healthy food in one week than I would eat in a year. She kept herself in good condition. But the cigarette smoking killed her like a thief in the night. I am grateful that we had time to say goodbye, and I am grateful that even though she suffered it wasn't for years, it was for a handful of weeks. After my mom died Derek who was about 3 at the time would tell everyone who had a cigarette that smoking killed his grandma. He was concerned for their health too. As someone who has never smoked, (sitting in the back seat of a car with the windows rolled up and two parents chimney smoking in the front seat cured me of ever even wanting to give it a try), I only can imagine how hard it is to stop once you start. So that will be my prayer for Obama this week. God give him the strength. All things are possible through Christ Jesus.
Here is a link to a Day In The Life that I shot last week. The family is precious. I haven't linked my work in a while and I love shooting Day In The Life sittings as the images are alway so personalized and just real life happening. Click here to see some images from the day.


Susan said...

I find myself saying "some of your best work, Tammy" every time I look at your photographs. Beautiful.

My mom was a smoker and I think that's a large part of what caused her vascular dementia. Being around all that smoke made me know for sure I never wanted that for myself.