January 23, 2009

The Angry Mob and a great link.

Just saw a very cool pic of the Presidential Inauguration. This is no ordinary picture, it is a panoramic of multiple images stitched together on a computer. The detail on this image is amazing. Be sure and zoom in, at first glance it looks like a bunch of people crammed together. Zoomed in, you can see each person individually, behind the President I spotted his wife in her now famous Lemongrass Color Dress, the Bush's, Clintons, even Yo-Yo-Ma shooting a pic from his iphone. This is an incredible image.
Click here to see the Inaugural Panoramic.


Changes are happening at my church with Sunday nights. Some changes in life can be good, some changes in life can be bad. Most change however is extremely difficult. Mess with peoples routine and sometimes even good Christians might be tempted to show their teeth. It is in those moments that time alone with God, in prayer and meditation, can bring a response that is in line with a humble servant of God. Without the grounding from the Father we can be stirred up as an angry mob who only see's OUR needs and OUR desires, never looking to others or listening with our guard down. Father God I only want what is in line with your heart.


Lighter side.
3 Things About Me's.

1. I don't like my food to touch, and often finish one thing before I ever move on to the next on my plate.

2. I have a horrible memory, thanks to sleep deprivation when my twins were babies. Lost a lot of my past memories.

3. I do not deserve the life I live, my amazing husband, and kind and generous children. God's grace fills my life abundantly.


Melene said...

Thanks for the link to that picture. It was so fun to look at and zoom in.

I agree that change is often hard, especially in places where we find comfort. Changes were made at our church over a year ago and I still miss "the old way."

Have a great weekend!