January 19, 2009

Trophies and Burgers and a Mall Cop

Saturday Jack and Sophie competed in the Southern Hills Tae Kwon Do Showdown where they competed in Forms and Sparring. Here is a pic of them with their trophies after they were finished.

Here is a pic of my good friend Robin at her surprise 50th Birthday party with her hubby and daughter. Robin was totally surprised. The night was fun and full of friends and laughter. Props to Guy and Katie for choosing the best burgers in town for the menu, Perini's burgers are the best.

For all of my friends where it is snowy and cold, I will be thinking of you today when it hits 73 degree's today. Love that sunshine in winter.

Movies...Jack has been watching the trailer to Mall Cop every day for atleast 3 weeks. So the day came and we all headed out to the theatre (minus Sophie as she was at a friends house) in great anticipation. I just heard it was the number one movie this weekend. This has been a movie watching season for us, we always like to go to the movies but lately it has been a bit more than normal. I think I was bent on finding a feel good movie for the season, something that makes you laugh, cry, and walk out of the theatre feeling inspired. My search for the perfect holiday movie was never satisfied. Most movies were good, but all fell short in one way or another. So in search of a laugh, something funny and lighthearted as compared to most other movies out right now I was slightly optomistic about Mall Cop. We did laugh, it was pretty silly, I was enthralled by the use of the motorized thing he rode through the mall. I know there is a proper name for it, but it's not coming to mind right now. It was just what I expected, nothing spectacular, but funny none the less.


Julie Adams said...

The twins look too old. They are still six years old to me!!! Growing weeds!

I never found that "movie" either! Maybe "Confessions of a Shopaholic" hahahaa... or "Marley & Me!" I love feel good movies that make you laugh and cry!!!