January 14, 2009

Messy Hamster

Wednesday night. I have decided that we have a very ignorant hamster. I bought a new cage that was made with higher walls, less mess outside the cage was my intent. While at the pet store I bought some sort of something that is supposed to attract the hamster to "use the little boy hamster room" in one specific area. Our bright hamster goes everywhere except where he is supposed to. Where he sleeps, in his food dish, everywhere. Makes no sense to me. I am just wondering if our hamster is dumber than the average hamster, or if all hamsters are as messy as this one.

I just looked it up on-line and the average life expectancy of hamsters is 2 years. We have about 18 months of living with this little critter left.


Julie Adams said...

I had no idea they only live two years. I'm sad now. I thought ya'll had Oreo? Was that his name? They had an aerobic sort of a gym set up? I'm sticking with cats that live to be 20!

not-so-deep Denise said...