January 09, 2009

New Books This Week

Started a new book yesterday. The Road To Daybreak, by Henri Nouwen. It is a year of his life after he left Harvard Divinity School in search of where his call was leading him. Henri worked for Yale for many years before Harvard. This is his journey to Daybreak a home for the mentally handicapped, severe in many cases, where he ministered to these special souls and people who didn't know about all of his accomplishments. A place that he called home.

I also ordered his book called the Prodigal Son from Amazon which is on my list to read, along with Tramp for the Lord, a follow up to the Hiding Place written by Corrie Ten Boom, the book I just read earlier this week.

I have filled my book quota for ordering for atleast 4 weeks. Book reviews to come ; ).


JanaBeck said...

Wow. Who knew i-phone could be so cool.


M'chelle said...

I got the books you left on the porch, along with some precious Christmas ornaments. :) You really shouldn't have done that, but I am so grateful for the special gift and thoughtfulness. I LOVE the butterfly, my mom was a butterfly person too, so it was quite ironic when I read your note. I truly hope you enjoyed the books and thanks again!