January 21, 2009

Consequences of Sin...never easy.

It is almost that time...taxes. I have a stack of invoices and receipts from the last year about 10 inches high in a box starring at me and giving me the evil eye. In the next couple of weeks I will start putting all those numbers into my computer. Every year when I go to my accountant she asks me if I use Quicken, and when I say no, she asks me why not? I respond in my head, because I like to do everything the hard way, and make things difficult for myself. Then I think...this will be the year that I figure out Quicken and make my accountant proud of me. I did buy it once, before I was computer literate, it was overwhelming. Now that I have become friends with technology I might be able to figure it out without too many tears and frustration.

Still reading the Henri Nouwen book and still loving it. On page 49 in Daybreak, Henri says, "Handicapped people, who have such a limited ability to learn, can let their hearts speak easily and thus reveal a mystical life that for many intelligent people seems unreachable." This quote of course reminds me of when Jesus tells his disciples one must become like a child to inherit the Kingdom of God.

I have almost finished listening to the 6 cd's that make up the study for Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. I have never done a study by Kay Arthur, nor heard her speak before. She is covering the Redeemed topic, and speaks to David's sin with Bathsheba, and his life following. She is bringing it home, it is definately stepping on toe material. She speaks about how God's grace and love were given freely to David after his ad*ltry with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah, her husband, but that God never took away the consequences of his sin. The consequences were four fold. This has been a great study, I am still doing the book work and probably wont finish it until our church offers this study in the summertime.

We are about to start Beth's new study on Queen Esther. I am leading two classes this time, Sunday nights at 5pm and Friday mornings at 10am, both at Southern Hills Church of Christ. If you are in Abilene and would like to join our Women's Bible Study you are more than welcome. This is going to be a great study, life changing in many ways.


Debbie said...

My accountant came to my home this past Saturday and spent the whole day attempting to teach me how to use Quick Books! I had a real migraine by the time she left and my eyes were rolled up and glazed over much of the time. (my poor, patient accountant!) However, I did learn enough to get me started and to start getting a grip on my business.

I do think that learning Quick Books or Quicken at the same time you are reading Nouwin is perfect timing!

Sit-N-Chat said...

I enjoyed your blog, meeting a fellow believer. I googled blogs near Haskell. I've been blogging only a few months though have shard pics for extended family on a blog for couple of years. I say thank you to God for the work He has done for you. I will visit again.